Roberto Carnevali, MD

Ophthalmologist Surgeon and eye-care specialist

Who I am

I am Roberto Carrnevali a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and an ophthalmic surgeon with a post-specialization experience at the Microsurgery department of the prestigious University of Bonn where I have improved the phacoemulsification technique for the modern cataract surgery operations.


For more than 39 years I have studied in deep all the branches of the ophtalmology and of the refractive eye surgery.
I have attended international congresses performing surgical operations live from the operating theater and I have also published a book about Optical Aberrations, science for which i keep formation courses for Ophtalmoligsts.


I am the head of the Opthalmology department of the "Casa di Cura Città di Parma" clinic. I have published the book titled “Le lenti intraoculari multifocali”, which translates to "Multifocal intraocular lenses", where I explain in deep the Phacorefractive subject.


In my whole career I have performed more than 10.000 surgery operations of cataract, refractive surgery or glaucoma.



Strucutures where i work

My own clinic

Vicolo Bonomi n. 5

Viadana (MN)


Tel. Fax 0375 82452

Casa di Cura Città di Parma

Piazza Maestri 5,

43123, Parma


Clinic Address

Via Rossi n. 5


Tel. 0521 249729

Surgical polyclinic Villa Richeldi

Via G. Fassi 16 Carpi (MO)


Tel. 059 660918

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